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+ IdeaShare app to share your screen from your smartphone , tablet and pc.

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    ldeaHub for your company

    Work at home, in the office, anywhere

    Distance is no longer a barrier: artificial intelligence guarantees audio and video performance such as to make remote meetings real.

    One device, multiple functions

    Everything you need to work on one device. Greater than a PC, more than a multi- touch screen, beyond an interactive whiteboard.

    A space for everyone, no one excluded

    Working in real time on documents, drawings, projects from different devices? Easily done! There is room for everyone on this screen.

    Quick to use, without cables or installations

    quipped with an elegant stand, it can be moved comfortably without the need for any network or cable installation.

    Give shape to ideas, without limits

    AI identifies words and converts them into editable text, numbers and graphics. The writing and drawing experience is fluid and responsive.

    Native Android, native Windows

    The double open operating system allows access to both the Android App Gallery and Windows programs, ready for use.

    Video conference system for online meetings, webinars and video calls

    + collaboration in meetings
    + data exchange via wireless
    + compatible with other apps

    Interactive multimedia whiteboard

    + handwriting recognition
    + realtime file sharing
    + bootable from various devices

    Projector with integrated screen and audio

    + 16 microphones, soundbars , integrated HD cameras
    + resolution in 4K quality
    + dynamic direction
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